Mary Ann Ross


Born in Detroit with the soulful sounds of Motown flowing through my veins, I currently rock out in Rochester,
DJ for Over
Years and Playing

Before becoming a Disc Jockey I spent 15 years in the restaurant business, which gives me tremendous insight into coordinating every aspect of your reception.
I firmly believe the experiences I gleaned during those years have directly impacted my success in the wedding industry as a DJ for over 30 years in the Metropolitan Detroit area.

I am convinced numerous reception sites recommend me not only for my DJ skills, but because I have an intimate understanding and respect of what caterers call the ‘back of the house.’ There is no nicer compliment than to walk into a venue and have the staff say, ‘So glad it’s you M.A.!’

When it comes to music, my passion runs the gamut — from Coltrane jazz (thanks to my dad for taking his 14-year-old daughter to Bakers) and funk (from my glory days at the roller rink where I first started spinning in high school) — to Queen, E.W.F., and JT. My favorite genre , if pressed to choose is Motown and Old Soul; Stevie, Otis, Sam, Jackie, MJ, and Aretha; and a personal fav, James Brown’s “Get Up Offa That Thing” does hilarious and fabulous things to a dance floor! Country music isn’t my favorite and I tell you this because if you are a lover of Country, and want a heavy concentration of country tunes, there are possibly better DJ’s for you; but I will admit that I still get choked up during a parent dance to Rascal Flatt’s “My Wish.”

Write Me A Line

I do my best contact through email after a 2am gig.

Write Me A Line

I do my best contact through email after a 2am gig.

I use my extensive song catalogue to maintain the flow of the evening and keep the dance floor full without needing to interject silly, inappropriate comments and gags to fill your dance floor. So, if you are looking for a personal, welcoming reception that is elegant, warm, and tremendously fun, I am the person you want providing the soundtrack to your memories on the most important day of your life.
I don’t just play music, I feel it, and I understand the power it has to transform a room.


I believe everyone’s life should have a soundtrack. Here’s some of what you’ll find on my personal playlist.

My Jam:

“September”by Earth, Wind & Fire

My Happy Place:

Boy Bands & Britney

My Windows Down In The Car On A Summer Day:

Zeppelin & Queen

My New Tune Loving:

Dua Lipa

Thank you in advance for considering my services for your wedding