Clap your hands. I’ve always said I have the best clients and I truly appreciate when they take the time to let me know how happy they were with my services. Check out my pages on WeddingWire and The Knot for even more reviews.

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MA, I hope you enjoyed your holidays! I just wanted to reach out and thank you again for everything you did to make our wedding so personalized and amazing! We had so much fun and we are still receiving compliments from guests who also had a great time. We will be looking back on that night for years and I can’t imagine feeling any happier than we did. Allison & Sean — Michigan
Mary Ann was very supportive, responsive, and enthusiastic about all of the little details and music elements we wanted to include. She also gave a lot of constructive insight based on her past experiences. Most importantly, she made sure to touch base with us throughout the night to ensure we were there for the special moments we requested and she was very flexible. We gave her a lot of creative control (because we trusted her, but also did not have the energy to micromanage), and she did not disappoint! So many guests told us how great the music was, and the dance floor was full all night. Also: her setup is very minimal (not flashy and overbearing like some DJs), so it didn’t interfere with our aesthetic. She just provided a fantastic time and made our night the most perfect it could be!Sam & Jeff — Ann Arbor, Michigan | Ann Arbor City Club
Mary Ann is the best in the business for a reason. She reached out to us before our wedding to get an idea of our vision for music and dancing, and made professional recommendations for us as well. Throughout the reception, she continuously checked in with us, as well as our parents, to ask about requests and how we were feeling. She did all of this while keeping the dance floor packed all night long! We still have people messaging us weeks after our wedding to tell us they haven’t seen their significant other dance like they did at our wedding in years!Sara & Joe — Detroit, Michigan | Detroit Athletic Club
Thank you so much for helping to make our wedding day absolutely perfect! The dance floor was packed the entire night – starting with the very first song! It was an awesome crew and everyone really enjoyed your work. It was so easy to just let go of the night and enjoy our guests knowing you were driving the timeline and the show. Also, my Dad clearly had a great time. I can NOT believe he requested ANY songs, much less aggressively demanded them the whole night! that was too funny! & it made us really happy to see him so happy. I felt insanely loved and lucky when so many people stayed on the floor for Willie Nelson – which no one except him wanted to hear. It was magical.Christine & Patrick — Detroit, Michigan | Colony Club
Mary Ann, Thank you SO much for providing the sound and music for Kate and Jacob’s amazing wedding! You know the DJ is fabulous when the Bride (and her sister and mother) never left the dance floor! & the dance floor was NEVER empty. The playlist was top notch and all that you did between songs and with the sound for the wedding ceremony and toasts; top notch as well. Your joyful, positive, energy added to the pleasure of the day! Thank you again!Kristen Chapman MOB — Plymouth, Michigan | Fox Hills Golf Center
MARY ANN IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! My husband and I think she was one of the best things about our wedding. Mary Ann just “got us.” We didn’t even provide her with a song list, we named artists and fully trusted her just by speaking with her a few times on the phone. The music was SPOT ON and she had the entire dance floor full the entire time with the crowd yelling Encore at the end. There aren’t many DJ’s who can say that happens to them, I bet! 🙂 She is so professional and runs your wedding/event schedule exactly how you envisioned. We literally could not have picked a better DJ for a wedding. MARY ANN ROCKS!Annette & Michael — Detroit, Michigan | Detroit Athletic Club
We loved working with Mary Ann. We didn’t have to really do a thing, and we had a great time! She is friendly and professional and fun and helped us organize the events during the reception in the best way possible. The few things we did have specifics on, she totally understood and helped make them special. There were several people who were unable to attend and she made sure to acknowledge them in a meaningful way. This was particularly special at the end of our night when she closed out our party with two songs that have a lot of meaning to us. It made everything so personal.Cheryl & Matt — Ann Arbor, Michigan | The Eastern
Mary Ann is an awesome DJ, and an equally awesome person. If you want a DJ that you will actually enjoy corresponding with, Mary Ann is your gal. She is personable, outgoing and approachable. My fiancé and I met her for drinks one day to discuss our music and entertainment vision for our wedding, and we could have sat and talked for another hour. Personality aside, Mary Ann listened to everything we asked for, and totally got the vision for our wedding day. We had a couple of nontraditional wedding things at our reception (piñata, our two college mascots, traditional Mexican chair dance), and Mary Ann made sure that these were executed exactly as we saw them in our heads. From following up with our venue to make sure our entrance was correct, to interacting with guests, to making sure intros and speeches ran smoothly, Mary Ann was so on the ball. It was also a great sign that at the end of the night, the entire wedding was chanting “one more song!”. Mary Ann sure helped us throw an awesome party! Maria & Humberto — Detroit, Michigan | Garden Theatre
Mary Ann, now that we’ve had a couple days to settle down from all the amazing wedding chaos, we wanted to say thank you, again, for your incredible work on Saturday! Our families and friends have been raving about how great you were, to which we said, “duh, this is why we picked her!” The fact that everyone who was there, all ages and from all sides of our families, LOVED the music was amaaaazing! And we so appreciate the care you took checking in with us for timing, and to OK things you weren’t sure if we’d be into.Laura & David — Michigan
Saturday was so perfect and you were absolutely amazing! Everyone had such a fabulous time and the dance floor was packed all night! So many people commented to us on Sunday how great our DJ was and how much fun they had. Thank you so much for everything and help making our special day even more perfect. I couldn’t have asked for anything more and I loved working with you! You rock, like literally 🙂Allison & John — Michigan
Dearest Mary Ann We can’t begin to thank you enough for everything you did for us on our wedding day. You were extremely professional and you allayed our fears. Thank you for knowing how to properly do stuff we had no idea about! We are recommending you to everyone we know.MA & Jason — Whitelake, Michigan
WOW! You are incredible (I always knew that) and on my wedding day you just were amazing! Thank you for your confidence, your kindness, your calm communication style, your smile, and your GREAT music stylings! I have had many friends say how much they enjoyed you/the music!Karen & Brett— Rochester, Michigan | Addison Oaks
Thank you for doing such a wonderful job at our wedding two weeks ago. We received amazing feedback from our guest on the wonderful music you played at both the cocktail hour and the reception. Also, you were awesome in keeping the events moving that night and in keeping people out on the dance floor (your cupid shuffle instruction was clutch). We are thrilled that we got to work with you and hope that you have a great rest of the summer.Alice & Marques — Ann Arbor, Michigan
MA, Thank you for dropping some sick beats for us all to party to! You were so helpful in all aspects of planning. We truly appreciated it! Party on, we hope you enjoyed your night!”Ashley & Kyle —Pontiac, Michigan
Dear ma, Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding day and for keeping the dance floor rocking all night long! BJ said he’s never seen a two-level dance floor at the theatre before & our friends & family told us how awesome you were! You really made everything run smoothly and we had so much fun working with you.Robyn & Neil — Detroit, Michigan
Hi Mary Ann, I just wanted to write you and say how much we enjoyed your work and vibe at our wedding. We knew you would do a great job before the event started, but you exceeded our expectations and are such a wonderful person. My father, mother, and many other people close to me all had such nice things to say about you and what a great job you did. I hope you were able to enjoy the evening as much as we did ! You are a special person and we appreciate your business and friendship.David & Laura — Rochester, Michigan
Dear Mary Ann, Thank you for making my daughter and son-n-laws wedding magical. With your skills of knowing and letting the music make the night EVERYTHING was PERFECT. Our families had people who NEVER dance on the dance floor shaking, movin & groovin at Lindsey & Josh’s wedding. I can’t thank you enough for putting the music in ALL of us that night! All our best to you.Parents of the Bride — Detroit, Michigan
Dear Mary Ann, Thank you for helping make Ally & Josh’s wedding day so wonderful! You really kept things moving and I don’t think there was ever a lull of the dance floor! It was fun watching everyone from the babies to my 92 year old father out there having a grand time! Thank you again for helping make their day extra special!Karen MOB — Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
MA, Now that things are calming down and we’re settling into married life we wanted to reach out and let you know how much we loved having you DJ our wedding. We had an absolute blast and can’t thank you enough for making sure everything went smoothly. You were a pleasure to work with and the dance floor was packed all night long; we loved it!Jen & Alex — Bloomfield, Michigan
Dear Mary Ann, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a part of our special day. We ALL just loved you and could not have been happier with how you ran the “show” You are a true rock star! Thank you for your kindness, enthusiasm, and help on our wedding day. The music was fab and you were simply fantastic!Lizzy & Chris — Dearborn, Michigan
MA, Oh my goodness! Where to begin? One million thank you’s for making our wedding the killer party of our dreams! People are still talking about how amazing our DJ and play list was. You absolutely captured both of our musical quirks! What you do is an art form and I am so grateful to have been lucky enough to have you run the show. Thank you for your support and guidance through it all. It wouldn’t have been the same without you!Mary & Sarah — Ann Arbor, Michigan
MA, we can’t thank you enough for how much you did for the wedding. With all the vendors I work with every year you truly are the most professional and the most loving and caring person. I am so thankful for our continued friendship and I look forward to working with you again on friends and family weddings.Mandy & Rollie — Grosse Pointe, Michigan
Mary Ann, Thank you so much for making our wedding so amazing! You were so great to work with; we couldn’t have picked a better DJ! The dance floor was packed and I know everyone, myself included, had a blast! I received a lot of compliments on the music/DJ so way to go! We will definitely think of you for future needs and or referrals.

Andrea & Christian October 2013 — Rochester, Michigan
MA, Thank you so so much! You nailed it! Worked in all my (crazy unknown) stuff and made it feel seamless! You truly have a gift for this and have found what you were born to do. From each conversation with you from the start we felt “secure and comfortable”; it’s what we needed! Every time Emily emailed you she would tell me; “I just love her, she makes me feel so calm and relaxed, and gets shit done at the same time!”Emily & Stephen — White Lake, Michigan
Hi Mary Ann! I’ve been meaning to write and say thank you for everything at the wedding. You did such a great job and everyone loved the music! You really made my day run smoothly and played all my favorites. I wasn’t expecting Avenged Sevenfold as the last song and it was an awesome surprise! After the wedding was over it was kind of crazy so I am sorry I didn’t say goodbye. Thanks again! It meant so much to us and we loved it! Best day ever!Kristin & Matt — Plymouth, Michigan
You were fantastic! Thank you so, so much for a great night and celebration. You provided such a fun soundtrack to the celebration. It’s not often that everyone is able to be together in the same place so your care in ensuring the crowd was so happy made my night better than I could have imagined. I’ve heard so many compliments about you on the course of the day- everyone just LOVED you! If you ever need a reference or anything please feel free to give out my contact information.Sarah & AJ — Detroit, Michigan
Dear Mary Ann, We just received our wedding photos from our November wedding. We were reminded of the amazing time our family and friends had and the many compliments we got…largely because of the energy you brought to the party. THANK YOU again. We loved working with you!!!

Annie & Tim November 2012 — Dearborn, Michigan
Hi Mary Ann! I can’t express how awesome it was to have you DJ Chase and my wedding! You are so epic at what you do! Everyone said you were great and my grandpa loved the music during dinner (he wanted me to let you know). You really do know how to pack the dance floor and you even got Chase and I to dance! People are still coming up to me saying how much fun the wedding was. Thank you so much for helping us put on the best party ever!Brittany & Chase — Ann Arbor, Michigan
Mary Ann, I am currently spending the evening with an extraordinarily cheesy DJ. Thank you, once again, for being amazing at what you do!

Saturday night FB post from LeAnne October 2012
Mary Ann, I can’t thank you enough for making our wedding day one to remember! I will never forget how much fun we had and how EVERYONE danced the night away! I will rave to anyone and everyone that will listen! You are amazing not only as a DJ, but as a person. You made the night perfect and I know it would not have been the same without you! Craig and I can’t thank you enough!Tyra & Craig — Clarkston, Michigan
MA The night would never have been half as fabulous if it weren’t for you. I’m sure you hear this constantly because you are so awesome, but you are amazing at your job! Not only did we keep hearing about what a great time everyone had, but what an awesome DJ we had. People keep telling us how awesome our wedding was and we were saying to each other is this like when people say your baby is cute but it’s probably ugly or they just say it because they have to, but coming from you, it means so much more because we feel you are an objective party. We cannot thank you enough for making our wedding THE wedding of 2012. They say the DJ makes the event and you definitely did. You showed our guests who we are and gave them the great party we dreamed of AND MORE!!! Thank you so much. I think the true sign of how good of a party it was it that everyone was planning on an “after party”, but no one could make it out. Thank you again and I have a feeling Dave and I will be seeing you at another wedding soon!

Carrie & Dave July 2012 — Ann Arbor, Michigan
Dear Mary Ann, You met our expectations plus some! Our guests LOVED the music and really complimented you. You are so organized and helpful; you really made it stress free for the two of us. We knew when we met you there was an instant connection. We will recommend you to our friends and families. Thank you again; it truly was a pleasure working with you.Katie & Luis — West Bloomfield, Michigan
Mary Ann, Thank you SO SO much for making our wedding so much fun! You are truly amazing, and Joe and I both appreciate your giving our reception so much life!! We had a great time! You are so great! My 93 year old uncle and our 2 year old flower girl, as well as EVERYONE in between had a great time. Thank you!!

Torri & Joe March 2012 — Sterling Heights, Michigan
Hi Mary Ann, I just wanted to write a personal note to you to thank you for doing such a superb job for our wedding! The music catered to everyone’s taste, the young and the older crowd, many people have said they really enjoyed what you played and how you did it. You also went above and beyond, it was the little things like getting Anna water during the picture taking, you really did a fantastic job, you’re extremely professional and I understand why you come so highly rated. We had an amazing day; everything went perfectly so thank you.Stuart & Anna — Rochester, Michigan
I don’t know where to begin, except to say that you totally rock! Our wedding reception couldn’t have been the party it was without you. Jason & I had so much fun and we were so excited to have our guests packing the dance floor. I can’t tell you how many people told me that ours was the best wedding they’d been to and we’ve had so many compliments on our excellent DJ selection. Thank you, thank you, thank you for rocking our reception and making it an unforgettable night!

Kristen & Jason October 2011 — Detroit, Michigan
Thank you so much Mary Ann. It was everything I wanted and then some. I love that you got a little choked up, and I think it showed my dad too how much you care about him and us. EVERYONE LOVED THE MUSIC!! I haven’t heard one person say it wasn’t the best wedding they have ever been to – with that said, I feel bad for Dan’s brother when he gets married because nothing will compare. Thank you so much it wouldn’t have been as great if you weren’t there. Love you, you are spectacular!!Connie & Dan — Troy, Michigan
I can’t thank you enough for making our night SO AMAZING! We (and everyone else) LOVED the music. You sure can keep a dance floor packed; not that I had any doubts. It was a pleasure working with you! XO

Stephanie & Don August 2011 — Detroit, Michigan
We wanted to thank you so much for making our day so special. You were amazing in every way. We felt an instant connection with you which made it so much more fun for us. We will forever be grateful. Thank you so much again!Elina & Jordan — Rochester Hills, Michigan
We wanted to thank you for doing an all-around amazing job at our wedding reception. Our guests and we had a legendary amount of fun dancing, and dinner was classy and relaxing, all thanks to your skills as a DJ. Your professionalism as a wedding DJ greatly assisted us in such a hectic situation. We’re so glad we found you and hope you enjoyed the gig!

Andrea & Mario June 2011 — Rochester Hills, Michigan
I’ve had so many people tell me what a fun party the reception was, and it was in no small part due to you being so good at what you do. Thank you so much, Mary Ann. I was actually able to relax and have fun, and I was not expecting to – that much, anyway. I was so well taken care of between you and the RPH and Frosted Pink that I really just was able to relax and have a good time. The music you played was right on and the tone you set was absolutely what I wanted. Thank you so much!Kathleen & Anthony — Rochester, Michigan
Thank you very much for all of your help and hard work at our wedding reception. We all feel very fortunate and thankful to have had the opportunity to work with you and get to know you. We all received countless compliments and rave reviews on the music and the evening. Your kindness, professionalism, & support were one of the reasons the evening was so special to us all. All our love and thanks.

Kevin & Kelly May 2011 — Pontiac, Michigan
Thank you so much for being a part of our wedding. You infused a definite cool-factor that all our guests responded to. You were perfect in every way. From song selections, to engaging the crowd, to managing the pace of the night, even providing suggestions and insight before the wedding. We have received countless compliments from our guests, and we rave about you every chance we get. We simply can’t thank you enough!Kellie & Stephen — Bloomfield, Michigan
What can we say? We had very high expectations of you after we read your reviews and met with you. Not only did you meet them you blew our expectations out of the water! You were amazing! We were so happy with everything. You were the best DJ we could have asked for and we can’t imagine our wedding without you! Thank you for being on top of all the important details that I most likely wasn’t on top of. We received so many compliments about you and have been suggesting you to everyone we know that needs a DJ. I will hear a song on the radio and find myself thinking back to the wedding. It makes me tear up because it was such a great time. So thank you a million for being so great. You are awesome at what you do so keep on keepin on!

Jessica & Jared November 2010 — Shelby, Michigan
What Mary Ann brings to a celebration goes far beyond just playing some tunes. She brings class and elegance with her dignified yet fun style. She brings experience and expertise in sensing and influencing the mood of the guests with her music selections. She brings organization and structure to help events of the evening unfold. She brings persistence with a light touch in managing people to do what they should be doing when they should be doing it. She does all of this in a gracious manner without stealing the limelight from the bride and groom. She knows that the evening is all about the wedding couple and the guests having a wonderful time. I had only one problem with her. The music and bar was supposed to stop at 11:00 p.m. But Mary Ann did such a fantastic job that the dance floor was still packed with guests rocking away. My daughter, the bride, asked me if we could keep it going until midnight. Of course, I could not say no. So the way I see it, Mary Ann cost me some additional money for drinks. But it was well worth it. The dance floor was still full at midnight. We had the time of our life!Steve Burke a.k.a FOB — Birmingham, Michigan
Mary Ann was everything she claimed to be, which would put every bride at ease. When you meet w/ Mary Ann she will flat out tell you that she does not want to be the center of attention and that it is her responsibility to read the room and to display the bride and groom. Every bit of this is true. She always returned phone calls, emails, and answered questions with confidence. Everything was flawless and if it wasn’t, Mary Ann made sure I didn’t know by coordinating and working closely with my other vendors. Several of my guests commented on how accommodating and polite she was when they had requests. It was a great party, the dance floor was full all night and I owe it to Mary Ann!Kat H.
I just wanted to let you know, you were wonderful! Our wedding was absolutely perfect and you really made the night. From the advice you gave us in our first meeting to the flow of music; you were just amazing! You said to Kenny and I that our energy and attitude would reflect on our guests and ultimately make or break the night. We felt great and had so much fun, and I’m certain the guests did also. Your DJ skills got so many compliments from our guests. They just loved you, your dance moves 🙂 and your music selections. Thank you so much Mary Ann. You really were there for us.
Jenny & Kenny — Detroit, Michigan
I just wanted to say a HUGE HUGE thank you for all of your help throughout the past several months. I felt so comfortable asking you anything related to the wedding and you were always very honest which helped a ton to eliminate any uncertainty!! The reception was nothing I could have ever imagined. It could have gone on another 2 or 3 hours. The next morning at the brunch my parents had at their home, people were absolutely raving about you; they just loved you!! And 2 weeks after the wedding people have still commented on your great work!! Thank you so much Mary Ann!!Courtney & Dean — Birmingham, Michigan
We had the best time last night and you played such an important role in that. Our guests were telling us all night about how fantastic you were, and how much fun they were having, and we obviously agreed 🙂 We’ve truly enjoyed working with you through this whole process – your kindness and professionalism are second to none. We had complete confidence that you would help make our night special, and you still exceeded our expectations! So please enjoy the flowers (they would have gone to waste otherwise!) and know that you played a huge role in the happiest day of our lives.Sarah & Brian — Detroit, Michigan
Thank you so much! You were awesome according to some of our guests…”the DJ F****ing Rocks!” So that sums it up in a four word quote!! Anyways thanks for everything; the organization, the drinks, we think you were better than the hall…LOL! Everyone had a great time & I can’t even tell you the number of comments I received regarding how awesome you were and how awesome the music selection was! You’re the best!Amanda & Kyle — Clinton Township, Michigan
I realized when we were in the shuttle on the way to the hotel that I didn’t get a chance to stay goodbye to you! My day was absolutely perfect and I had many people come to me and say,”This is the best wedding I’ve ever been to!” as well as “I’ve seen a lot of djs, and yours is really great!” Thank you so much for everything… I felt totally relaxed when we walked into the hall and you were standing waiting for us and ready to hit the ground running. You also kept your promise of keeping the dance floor packed even amongst the few delays we had and late into the evening until the very end. I’m so glad you were there with us to guide us through it all! I couldn’t have asked for more. It was really wonderful.Cindy & Mike — Troy, Michigan
Thank you so much for an amazing evening of music and dancing. You were the perfect choice for our wedding, although I think we already knew that when we met you for the first time!! We had several guests tell us that they loved you for various reasons; some liked that you had the dinner music at a nice volume so people could still talk yet hear the music in the background; others commented that you chose great music that was a big hit with the dancing crowd. As you could see, Jason and I had blast dancing our four left feet off (ha!) with all of our friends. We mostly want to thank you for making the reception look seamless and very classy. Everyone had so much fun and it was a great night!!! We will recommend you to anyone we know who is planning an event or wedding!!! Thanks again!!!
Porsche & Jason — Detroit, Michigan
Words cannot begin to describe the way you turned our wedding into the event of the year! Our guests had such an amazing time thanks to your musical selections and ability to read the crowd. One of the best things Dave and I did on our wedding day was to take your advice when it came to what music was played and when. You did a fantastic job with sticking to the genres and songs we love, but played them at the most perfect times! Our dance floor was literally packed the ENTIRE night! I cannot even count the number of compliments we received about you! Your professionalism along with the music you played to keep the party jumping impressed not only Dave and I, but all of our guests as well. I know I hugged you about 20 times that night, but all the thanks in the world cannot express how deeply we appreciate you as a professional and a friend. Much love and gratitude.Cortney & Dave — Detroit, Michigan
Thank you so much for all that you did to make our reception the amazing event I’d hoped for. Not only did you have the dance floor packed the entire night, but you were also so on top of everything else that made the night run smoothly. From the perfect introduction of our bridal party (whose names we’ve even been known to mispronounce!), to helping do my bustle, to being a fantastic MC, to all the other little things that I know you were keeping an eye on. My mom and I were definitely calmer, more relaxed, and having more fun because you were there. Over Christmas everyone was still talking about how it was the most fun wedding they’ve ever been to and how awesome our DJ was! It is so funny because I have already almost forgotten Kevin and I’s first dance, but dancing to Piano Man in the middle of the big circle of all our friends at the end of the night is something I will never forget the rest of my life. I don’t know how you did it, but it ended the night beautifully and I’m sure will be a story told in the family for generations!

Jessica & Kevin November 2008 — Oxford, Michigan
I cannot even begin to express how much you made our night! My Mom even can’t stop talking about how great you were…I have not seen my parents dance like that in years! It means so much to me that not only did our young crowd have a blast; but also the people that mean the most to us; our parents 🙂 We felt honored to have you as our DJ before the wedding…and now we can’t shut up about you! Thanks for everything.Carrie & Dan — Waterford, Michigan
I knew you would be the perfect choice for our DJ and I wasn’t disappointed. I didn’t have to worry about a THING! You are so classy and provided a wonderful evening for everyone. We had SO MUCH FUN! From selecting our perfect Bridal Party intro song; the wonderful dinner music (my favorites) the line dances and the Mom/Daughter dance with your idea to have others join in…So many people told me it was their favorite part of the night! You created a wonderful, fun, memorable evening for all of us. Thank you so much.

Fran & John August 2008 — Detroit, Michigan
All I can say is WOW! I am so happy we found you again. You did an amazing job for us again. You are by far the best DJ I have ever seen at any event and I just wanted to write you and say thank you so very much for being instrumental in the success of our daughter’s wedding. My guests LOVED you, and I felt so comfortable knowing from past experience that you would take care of the night; you impressed my even more than before. You are a beautiful woman and a wonderful person. Thank you so much.Lisa S. — Plymouth, Michigan
Two months after our big day Dan and I, after watching our video, still feel certain that setting our wedding date around your availability was the best & most important decision we made! Your professionalism, personality, and mostly your big heart were a huge part of making our day so spectacular. There are no words that we can say that can express our sincere gratitude to you for your amazing gift of yourself! We will always remember that you were part of our magical day!

Jamie & Dan July 2006 — Shelby, Michigan
Thank you from the very depths of me. Your “self” was what truly kept me sane, kept my mother in line, brought amazing and beautiful ideas to the table, and was what, in the end, made that day/night the most amazing and breathtaking night of my entire life. Without your presence of mind, your easy, yet firm personality, and your ability to take the bull by the horns and get whatever needs taking care of taken care of, that day would not have been nearly what it was, which was nothing short of spectacular. So thank you. Thank you for the time you gave us. Thank you for the efforts you put forth. Thank you for the last minute fixes, the unforgettable laughs, and the giggles that all made up a truly unbelievable experience. You are a truly amazing DJ, wedding coordinator, and person. We love you so much and we could not have done this nearly as well without you.Kristen & Matt — Plymouth, Michigan
We can’t thank you enough for all you did to make our wedding celebration so special. Not only did you play an incredible list of songs that got every guest on the floor (including our Priest Fr. Pete, who later told us that our reception is one of the only times he has ever danced!), but you were a wonderful MC. You kept us on our timeline and even poured the champagne for our toasts! During the last few months we have received numerous compliments on your work and have been recommending you to all of our recently engaged friends. Thanks again.

Kelly & Charlie August 2003 — West Bloomfield, Michigan